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Master Robinson

Sabomnim C. Robinson is the founder and Master Instructor of the Martial Way Kung-Fu Training Center, and is the President of the Korean Kung-Fu Association in the northeastern part of the United States. He has three decades of martial arts experience and holds a 4th Degree Black Sash in Ship Pal Gi KoreanKung-Fu recognized by the Korean Kung-Fu Association along with ranking Shaolin Longfist and Tae Kwon Do. His accomplishments have been documented in a number of publications including being selected as one of 50 New York unsung heroes by the Daily News for his commitment to the growth and development of our youth. His teaching philosophy is centralized in enhancing everyday life skills such as discipline, respect, focus, communication skills, and self-confidence. Parallels between martial arts training and every day life events are consistently reinforced throughout all martial arts lessons.  



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