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Our New Student Introductory Special is back and the most cost efficient way of determining

whether our school and programs are correct for you or your child.


New child and adult prospects receive 1 week of martial arts classes within their respective age and rank,

full uniform, and training sneakers.



All students are required to properly wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times while on the premises and throughout class. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 students per class in efforts of maintaining social distancing and minimal interaction. We ask that only one parent per student remain on site to observe classes in session.  


$ 49

Ship Pal Gi Kung-Fu

Ship Pal Gi (short for Sip Pal Ban Byung Gi) can be translated as “The 18 Weapons System” or “The 18 Skills System.” The system is authentic traditional Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung-Fu with close lineage to Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu only taught in a handful of schools in the United States. With the decline of traditional martial arts schools and the steady surge of popularity for mixed martial arts (MMA), at the Martial Way Kung-Fu Training Center, we pride ourselves on teaching this unique and rare traditional Kung-Fu system. Students are trained on empty hand techniques, long forms and short forms, 2-person application drills, floor techniqes, kicks, and sparring techniques. Weapons classes with staff, broadsword, and spear are also available to all students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended age to begin Kung-Fu training?

Our Kung-Fu program is recommended for children ages 5 and up as well as adults of any age.

Will Kung-Fu training get me in shape?

Both our in-person and online curriculum focuses on traditional martial arts training which will challenge parts all parts of the body making it stronger and more flexible.

Does Kung-Fu teach discipline?

Martial arts training requires commitment and discipline. Live classes are taught with a character building philosophy in mind. Discipline comes from within, therefore, we strive to help students understand and claim the benefit of self-control via our structured classes.

Do students rank?

Students qualify for ranking whether they are registered for in-person classes, online, or blended in-person and online classes. Testing is necessary for all promotions. Online students are required to take an online exam in order to be promoted.  

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