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Ready to learn kung-fu?  Well you've come to the right place.  We offer kung-fu classes for students ages 4-6 (Junior Dragons), 7-9, 10-15, and 16+ adults. Regardless of your age or class, our teaching philosophies revolve around strong values and character building.  Rank is awarded to students as they satisfy the applicable curriculum required of their level. All classes are taught by qualified staff, trained to motivate students to achieve their goals. Practicing kung-fu sharpens focus and attention, increases stamina and endurance, raises self-esteem and confidence, and contributes to overall mental and physical wellness. Within the framework of class, students learn traditional long forms, tan tei (short forms), movement drills, strikes & blocks, kicks, sparring, weapons, and self-defense. Be certain to take advantage of our new student introductory special affording new students a cost-efficient opportunity to trial our program.

Ship Pal Gi Kung-Fu

We teach traditional Ship Pal Gi (pronounced szip-pol-kee) Korean Kung-Fu which traces its lineage back to the 1600's.  The literal translation of Ship Pal Gi is "eighteen techniques" or "eighteen skills."  Its closest martial arts cousin is Northern Tang Lang (Praying Mantis).  This very unique Kung-Fu is taught in only a handful of schools across the United States.  The Martial Way Kung-Fu Training Center is the only school in the northeast that teaches this highly unique style. 
Joining our program couldn't be any easier than this.  For only $49.95, you get two weeks of classes, a uniform, and kung-fu sneakers!  If you'd like to join after your first two weeks, simply enroll in our no hassle month-to-month plans and keep your kung-fu education going.  We understand that kung-fu may not be for everyone.  So should you decide to discontinue classes, there is absolutely no obligation beyond the first two weeks and the uniform and sneakers are yours to keep!  

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