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Do you love music?  Now you don't have to just listen to it but you can be the master of it by learning how to DJ.  We offer comprehensive courses teaching you all you need to know to get you started moving crowds and making revenue as a DJ.  Whether you're simply interested in DJ'ing as a hobby or a professional, we've got the right course for you.  You'll be taught by Martial Way's own Christopher Robinson (aka DJ PARALLEL) who has over 25 years of DJ'ing experience.  

Basic Mixer/Controller Navigation & Operation
Beginner Beat Matching & Mixing
Intermediate & Advanced Beat Matching & Mixing 
Music Library Management
Beginner Scratching
Intermediate Scratching
Using Vinyl Turntables
Tricks & Tips

* Prices for courses vary

Laptop Computer

* Controller will be provided for all classes however students may purchase their own controller.